First, never forget that success requires much hard work. And as you are moving toward success, you will likely have many failures before you are successful. This is especially true of anyone who is a successful Internet marketer. But in the face of multiple failures along the way, to be successful, you must maintain the mindset of success. However, this can be difficult because most of us have a very negative feeling about failure. This is especially true about personal failure.

I think we learn early on in life that making mistakes is a bad thing. As a child, one of the first words we learn is, “No!” This is because this word is repeated so often when, as a learning human, we make frequent mistakes. Thus, we tend to internalize this: “I made a mistake, I was told NO and so I am bad. Therefore, stop doing what I am doing so I can be good again.” And probably, the urge to be a good person is something that drives us all.

However, to maintain a success mindset, you have to rethink your original (2-year old) belief about failure. Now, after all the failures that you have faced in life, all the times you were told “No” and all the times you felt like a failure, I want you to start looking at mistakes in a very different way. Instead of mistakes being failures, mistakes are simply tools for learning. I want you to take some time to go back in your life and think about when you learned something important. How did you learn? If you trace it back, I think you will find that failure was the only way that you learned to do something really well.

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Wow, that is a powerful statement: Failure is the only way that you learn to do something really well. But, take something simple like learning to write. Did you learn how to write better by your teacher or mentor saying, “Good job”? Or, did you learn most when your teacher scribbled endless red notes on your paper highlighting the mistakes you made? If you learned a sport – how did you learn to excel? By doing it wrong, learning that way didn’t work, modifying what you did and trying again. That often entailed a coach yelling at you every time you made a mistake. But, you changed what you did and you got better at the sport. Your failures indeed lead to your success.  And rethinking how you feel about failure leads to a success mindset.

James Joyce said it well: “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” Really, mistakes are quite magical because they are such valuable teachers. We are constantly making mistakes, learning from them, re-trying and then succeeding. This can be something very simple like learning exactly how far to turn the handle on the new faucet so that you get hot water – but not scalding hot. Only when you turn the handle too far, do you learn not to do it – or risk getting burned again. Your mistakes lead you to your successes.

Mistakes can be wonderful portals of discovery as you build your online business. Indeed, the more mistakes you make, the more you are doing. And the more you are learning and moving toward success every day. So, the next time you make a mistake in building your business, CELEBRATE!!!  All the mistakes indicate that you are much closer to succeeding.

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The success mindset that you need to maintain is a simple recognition and acknowledgement.  You have the guts to attempt something when so many other people won’t even get to that first step. So many people will fall off the first step and fail to get back up. But, you have the strength to get up and keep going. This is what happens to many people when they fail. They tell themselves they were stupid to even try. Negative self talk takes over. They tell themselves they should have known better to even try. This negative internal feedback can break your spirit and your will to continue. So, instead take a moment to reflect on the beauty of your mistake.

That's right. I said the beauty of your mistake. Looking at mistakes as beautiful things leads directly to a success mindset. Think about the mistake that you made and what you have now learned because of it. Change your mindset to reflect this outlook – a grateful feeling that you failed. Instead of knocking yourself down that you made a mistake. remind yourself of this: “I missed something. I need to try again.” That simple reframing of a truth can change your entire outlook. The new internal dialogue you feed yourself can be your greatest ally in building a successful business. It can give you the energy to pick yourself up and keep going – with a smile on your face. Because when you see failure as one more step forward to figuring out what will work, then you will find the success you seek.

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Keep this in mind. Even though we often hear about overnight successes, those are myths. Everyone in life who has ever done anything big has failed. The difference between successes and failures however, is that those who are successful did not let that failure define them. Failure is not the period at the end of an attempt. Instead, failure is a comma. A pause. A way to regroup after your learning experience. Failure or making mistakes is a way to be stronger as you get up again – and move forward.

Another thing that can easily happen in your journey learning about online business is a sense of feeling overwhelmed.  There is so much to learn in so many different areas that are all linked together. As we learn something new, we may discover that what we did in the past was wrong. But, rather than feeling overwhelmed with new information (and the mistakes you may have made), you must learn to acknowledge those mistakes as benefits in the online world.

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Sustaining a positive attitude in Internet marketing is ALL IN YOUR MINDSET. If you are lucky, you have already failed in some way with marketing. Perhaps, the surefire method you had didn’t work. Maybe the product you were counting on did not sell. Maybe after months and months, the traffic you needed never materialized. But that doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. It means you have to figure out what element didn’t give you the outcome you expected.

Perhaps you went into marketing with limited understanding of what you needed to know about promoting. Maybe you still have to learn the hundred and one details that can make or break you in the world of marketing. In this case, you just need to continue studying to learn what you need to know and do.

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Perhaps you did not do enough homework before you launched the product. That doesn’t mean the door to success is closed permanently. All it means is that you need to hit the drawing board again to look for a new – and often improved – way of doing things. Again, maybe you have the perfect product already. But, you simply need a different marketing plan.

Therefore, the most critical thing that you need to do as you are working toward success is to keep your mind on the eventual outcome. Keeping your mind on the eventual goal will ensure that you have the mindset of the successful Internet marketer. You must not focus on the little setbacks that are part of every business. Instead, keep your eyes on your end goal. As you keep your mind on your goal, use everything that others might view as a failure as the thing that teaches you perseverance. In your perseverance, you will come up with a better method of becoming successful.

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So, how do you maintain the mindset of a successful Internet marketer? It is so simple. And for some of us it is so hard, at the same time. Instead of looking at failure or mistakes as a bad thing, you must look at them as good things. Simple right? But, sometimes, we have an ingrained idea that failure is bad. Then, we make mistakes and allow them to get us down. We allow mistakes to give us a reason to quit. However, to sustain the mindset of a successful marketer, you often need to consciously tell yourself that you have made so many mistakes that you are clearly on the path to success.

It might take putting posters on your wall with quotes for success to remind you to keep going when you inevitably make a mistake. You might want to come up with a mantra you repeat to change your automatic thinking that failure and mistakes are bad. Or you might want to keep articles on hand that remind you to maintain a positive mindset. And above all, to paraphrase Winston Churchill’s powerful words, “Never, never, never give up!” Get up and keep going toward success. You've got this!!!!

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Maintaining the Success Mindset

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