Blue is likely human’s most popular color. Now wonder. Blue evokes calming, peaceful images of clouds in the sky, the movement of waves in the ocean and placid lake waters. What could be more relaxing? Well, having all those colors in your home office. Amazing images – amazing color schemes. Great for either a masculine or feminine home office. Who wouldn’t be able to relax with these colors?

Ghost light

Pandora's Cluster

Scientific information about this image

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope picked up this faint, ghostly glow of stars. Several billion years ago, gravity ripped apart ancient galaxies. The destruction happened four billion light-years away from Earth. Indeed, almost 500 galaxies were inside this area nicknamed “Pandora’s Cluster.”   Now the stars scatter across the cluster, not bound to any particular galaxy, instead drifting freely between galaxies in the cluster.  Hubble astronomers pieced together forensic evidence suggesting as many as six galaxies exist in the cluster, ripped apart over six billion years.

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