Another great NASA inspired color scheme!!!  This magical looking pillar-like column exists in the Eagle Nebula (also called M16). The nebula is located in a nearby star-forming region 7,000 light-years away from Earth, in the constellation Serpens.  Picking up the lavenders and  siennas in this pillar, the color scheme calms and relaxes while maintaining the mystery of space. Indeed, Captain Kirk, we are looking at the “final frontier.”

Pillar of gas in Eagle Nebula

Brown and sienna scheme

The color scheme below picks up more of the browns and siennas in the pillar of gas. With just a hint of lavender, this color scheme would be ideal for the masculine office. Using framed photos of the Eagle Nebula would enhance any office. Go to NASA images to download this photo.

Gaseous pillar in Eagle Nebula

Information about the pillar

These eerie, dark, pillar-like structures consist of columns of cool interstellar hydrogen gas and dust. The chaotic environment incubates new stars. The pillars look like stalagmites protruding from a cavern floor but is actually a cloud of dark molecular matter. The ultraviolet light from hot, massive, newborn stars illuminates the turmoil. The ghostly streamers of gas boils away from the clouds. This produces a dramatic visual effects highlighting the three-dimensional clouds. Taken on April 1, 1995 with the Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. This image is constructed from three separate images taken in the light of emission from different types of atoms.  In this photo, red shows emissions from singly-ionized sulfur atoms, green shows emissions from hydrogen, and blue shows light emitted by doubly-ionized oxygen atoms.

Additional NASA inspired color schemes

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