Finding profitable keywords the correct way

Finding profitable keywords the correct way

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

how to conduct keyword research Online marketers clearly understand the benefits of well-chosen keywords. In fact, the quest to find profitable keywords is a main component of success in online marketing. But, with a lot of snippets of information about selecting keywords, confusion about how to conduct research frequently happens. However, finding profitable keywords leads to critical success. So, in the next five minutes, if you stick around, you will understand the three important basics and will be able to conduct your own research effectively and efficiently.

10 minutes to your destination: Research success!

Look, there is a lot of stuff to be done as an online marketer. You could spend all day looking for the perfect keywords and not get to the main thing you need to do – build content. On the other hand, you could spend all day building content and without the correct keywords, no one will ever read that content.

So, you need to focus on three critical concepts that will provide you with the best keywords to use that have the greatest potential to drive traffic to your site. So, let's get started.

Three pillars of effective and profitable keyword research

First Profitable Keyword Pillar: Under 300 QSR

1.)  LOW competition. First, look for keywords with low competition. Makes sense – no?  With too much competition on certain keywords, then you are not as likely to be ranked high in the search engine. Low rankings mean no one will find you.

No rankings mean wasted efforts.

When I conduct research on the correct keywords, I look for low competition using a metric called QSR. That stands for Quote Search Results. I know of only one tool out there that offers the information to you quickly and efficiently. That tool is called Jaaxy.

QSR tells you the EXACT number of competing pages in Google. In essence, that is your REAL competition. I typically look for a QSR of under 300 (that is, 300 competing pages in Google).  If I have two keyword choices, one that has a QSR of 300 and one with a QSR of 120, I will opt for the lower QSR of 120.  Simply, while you don't want to use a keyword with a QSR over 300, the closer the QSR is to ZERO, the better.

Second Profitable Keyword Pillar: Minimum of 50 searches per month.

2.)  Must get SOME traffic. If no one is searching for your keyword, then it makes sense that you won't get any traffic. Now, if you look at a keyword that has a high number of searches AND a high QSR (competition), then it doesn't really matter how many are searching. They are unlikely to find YOU.

So, I look for the sure thing. Although it may seem low, I go for the search term that gets over 50 searches per month. Yep, 50. But, for this, volume adds up. Get first page ranking for 10 pages, 20 pages. . . heck even 100 pages and it starts to add up.

In addition, lower competition, moderate traffic keywords are typically more relevant to the niche and convert better anyway. This is just an added bonus.

Third Profitable Keyword Pillar: Keywords must makes sense!

3.)  MUST makes sense. Keywords that don't makes sense or are missing words should be avoided. That means putting in the transitional words to bring clarity to your keywords.

Instead of “how find keywords” you want to use “how to find keywords.” Otherwise, your content is awkwardly worded and will sound unprofessional. You definitely want to avoid that.

That's it. Simple, right?

Jaaxy meets needs of the three keyword pillars

Let me explain why I recommend Jaaxy. This program takes data from ALL search engines. Then it runs a search through their data normalized algorithm to produce the most accurate traffic data. Keep in mind that all data is just an estimate at the end of the day because there are many fluctuations throughout the year in any search activity. But, the keyword data you can rest assured is very reliable within Jaaxy.

As for keyword competition, if you don’t have this important piece of data you don’t stand a hope in knowing which keywords you can quite easily rank for and which ones you don’t stand a chance for. Remember, rank means traffic beating the proverbial path to your door.

The QSR metric within Jaaxy will tell you exactly how many pages in all of Google (and all search engines for that matter) that you are competing with. This is a keyword researchers dream metric.

Ready to start?

OK – with the three pillars in hand, ready to begin searching for your keywords ?

Take a test ride by taking a topic from your niche and plugging it into the search tool below. Be sure to follow through with the THREE keyword pillars to be on your way to building posts that generate traffic.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2020

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2020

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

If interested in learning how to make money from home, this review discusses the Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training for 2020. Advance warning: This will be a long review about Wealthy Affiliate because I want you to be well-informed before you start. I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is worth looking at precisely because it is free to join. And, that does mean FREE. No credit card necessary to join (that will charge you in 30 days if you forget to cancel).

See the “quick and dirty details” below if ready to get started right now.  (And really that is not a bad idea since it is free to start!!!!!) If in doubt, then take a look at the stats below for the fast overview. For even more information, stick around and read what what I have discovered since joining Wealthy Affiliate.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?


A comprehensive platform for anyone – novice to expert – wanting to make money online.

What does membership provide?

They provide extensive training, support, a committed and supportive community, research tools and hosting for your website business. As you explore the platform, you will find they offer even more than this. You literally start from the beginning and grow your business as large as you want.

Why should I start with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you, like so many others, want to find out how to start an online business for a primary source of income or as a side-hustle, you can do so for free. Let's face it – learning about this business requires knowledge. But, it can be hard to do on your own. Wealthy Affiliate will be there with you every step of the way.

What's the catch?

Honestly, eventually, you will want to invest in your business if you want it to become a primary source of income.  But, you only have to invest money when ready to do so. You quickly learn all you need to be successful before spending a penny – or you can take your time learning the ropes without spending a ton.

Bottom line, how much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

Starter membership

  • FREE – no credit card required

Premium membership

  • $49/month or
  • $359/year – specials offered in the fall for annual membership

Read on to see what all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and I think you will be amazed at the bargain for a Premium membership, when ready to grow your business.


  • It takes time to learn “the ropes” for building an online business.
  • To be successful takes commitment to learn what you need to do.
  • Hard work necessary to build your business – no get rich quick scheme here.


  • Experience definitely NOT necessary. All training provided from the very beginning includes interactive lessons, tutorials and videos. Step-by-step instructions will have you up and running a site quickly even if you don't know anything about online businesses.
  • Support in the form of an active community who want to help is available. Indeed, the active community makes this company special.
  • No upsells – there really are only two memberships: the Starter membership and the Premium membership. The Premium membership includes everything you will need to grow your business.
  • Outstanding support – if you can't figure out how to do something, contact support 24/7 as a premium member.
  • Everything in one place – you get the training, support, hosting, security, domains, speed, backups and more with the same company. Speaking from experience, trying to work with multiple companies for each component can be overwhelming.  Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I looked at other training for starting a blog and affiliate marketing. What I discovered was that they sent me to a variety of different companies to sign up for SEO tools, keyword search tools, domain name purchases, hosting, backups, and more. All those different companies added up in cost and in confusion. Many different logins, passwords, etc., became too much very quickly.  So, when I discovered I could do everything in one place with excellent and fast 24/7 support, I was sold!!!

With all that said, keep this in mind: The best time to start making money online is yesterday. The next best time is NOW. With Wealthy Affiliate, it is also FREE to get started. So, if you are ready to start today, then click below.



If you need more information before you get started, keep reading below.


How we help you become a successful affiliate marketing whiz


I joined Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago after spending hours looking at different options. Quite frankly, I felt overwhelmed with everything necessary to learn being a basic know-nothing newbie.

The more I read, the more everything out there looked like scam. You know how that goes. It was “free” for the first month and then, the charges started on the credit card. I just didn't have the money to spare so spent a few frantic months looking at options. Almost ready to quit, I found Brok who introduced me to  Wealthy Affiliate. Since they didn't require me to provide credit card information, I decided to give it a shot. And, I am so glad that I did.

However, life events happened that stopped me from progressing in my business. Luckily, when able to get started again, it was flawless. I was able to pick up and move very quickly through the training and received the support needed to build my business online.

With their stats, I have no doubt they have plenty of opportunities to offer you, as well.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

With coaching and an abundance of support, AND no credit card needed, I couldn't really see how I could go wrong. If you are ready to get started NOW, then check out the FREE membership. What do you have to lose?


Affiliate marketing training


One thing that I have learned about affiliate marketing is that there is a lot to learn.  But, another important thing I learned was it was very hard to build a business without help.  Wealthy Affiliate provided that help. No doubt the training is abundant. Depending on your learning style, Wealthy Affiliate provides various formats. On the lessons, you will find:

  1. A step-by-step guide in print format. So, you can refer to it over and over at your own pace as many times as you need to understand the process.
  2. At least one video lesson where Kyle guides you through each step for the activity.
  3. A checklist to ensure you complete each activity in the lesson.
  4. Guidance through links to complete the interactive components.
  5. A platform to text members if you have a question or want feedback.

After completing each lesson, you are guided to the next. You can always go back to review any lesson as needed.


Lesson descriptions


So what lessons will you find in the free membership? Plain and simple – enough to get you off to a great start. You will be guided through setting up your website and optimizing it for search engines. You will even be able to monetize your site. Take a look at the materials that are included in your free Starter membership.

Online certification lessons

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community here at WA
  • Discover the process of earning revenue online
  • Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals
  • Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches
  • Choose your starting point NICHE for your business
  • Build your very OWN niche website
  • Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress
  • A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly
  • How to create quality website content (that gets ranked)
  • Understanding the keyword research process
  • Quick and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists

Affiliate marketing video walk-through


Click here to look at the video walk-through. This walk-through gives you a feel for what you get when you sign up for membership at Wealthy Affiliates.

But, how do you transform a hobby into a profit?

turn hobbies into profit

In a nutshell, you will learn how to set up a site from the very beginning – even if you know nothing about how to do it. You can pick a hobby or interest that you want to share with others and build a site based on that. Believe me, if you enjoy the topic, there are thousands and thousands of others out there that want to learn more about the topic, as well.

Think about what you know and share with others. Are you a great cook and everyone wants to know your secret? You can set up a site to share:

  • family recipes
  • cooking techniques
  • essential tools and utensils for the kitchen
  • cooking for guests
  • holiday recipes
  • favorite cook books
  • herbs and spices for cooking
  • keto cooking
  • sugar-free recipes and more . . .

Or perhaps you are interested in fishing? Plenty of folks out there want to know about:

  • fishing techniques
  • best locations for fishing
  • rods and reels
  • boats
  • bait and tackle
  • saltwater, freshwater, ice & fly-fishing
  • ice-fishing and more . . .

In addition to sharing your knowledge and love for your topic, Wealthy Affiliates will teach you how to make profit from the knowledge you have and want to share. Even better, if you recommend certain products, then you can make a commission if others buy that product. That is what affiliate marketing is all about.


How to help others in affiliate marketing


Yup – you are helping others as an affiliate marketer. And, in turn they will be helping you.

However, here's the catch. You have to be willing to work. I want to be clear about one thing. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The tools, training and support are there. But, you need to be willing to take the time and effort to work your business.

To be successful, you must be dedicated and willing to learn. You must be hard-working and willing to help others. And, you must really want to own your own business and be your own boss. If that is not for you, then Wealthy Affiliate probably won't be the best idea for you.

But if you do have those qualities – and if ready to get started on the journey to becoming your own boss, then I highly encourage you click below to get started. Just remember, getting started is free, so you really have little to lose. You can go through the first 10 lessons and you will know whether this is the right fit for you.  If you are ready to get into the platform to begin building TODAY, then click below.

What is included in the Starter Membership


Still not convinced? Let me share what Wealthy Affiliate is willing to give you just for signing up. First, there are two tracks available to you. The ten lessons open to the Starter Membership get you up and running fast.  A total of 20 lessons open up to you: 10 in The Online Entrepreneur Certificate and 10 in the Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp.

So, let's first look at the Online Entrepreneur Certificate. In the Starter Membership, you gain access to all lessons in Level 1. That includes 10 lessons for free. You learn what affiliate marketing is, how it works and how you make money. If you complete Level 1, you will have a website up and be ready to begin. In fact, your website will be up by the end of Lesson 4. Wow!!!! That is awesome!


Premier Membership


With a Premier Membership, the training continues. The entire training includes 5 levels for a total of 50 lessons.

In Level 2 you learn how to get traffic to your website.

Level 3 teaches you how to monetize your site. You will learn correct practices so you don't get into trouble as you begin making money.

Since social media is so important, Level 4 covers how to conquer social media. You learn how to use various forms of social media to drive people to your site and engage with them.

Finally, in Level 5, you learn advanced tools and techniques to build your business into a full-time income.  If you are really ready to start with a bang, you can join the Premium Membership for just $19 in your first month by clicking here.


Boot Camp for Affiliate Marketers


As a Starter Member, you can also gain access to Phase 1 of the Boot Camp, This includes 10 lessons in the Starter Membership.

In Phase 1, you will learn:

  • What affiliate marketing is all about and how it works
  • How to find your direction by narrowing your audience and building a brand
  • How to set up your website on Wealthy Affiliate and how to get your own domain
  • Effective ways to build your site, update and navigate the platform
  • Methods to get your website ready to be found by Google and others
  • How to build a site framework that you can use to build an effective site
  • What keyword research is, why it matters and how to do it on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • How to build your audience from effective reviews
  • Next steps for building your business.

The complete Affiliate Bootcamp training is a seven Phase (70 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Take a  look at all the phases available for the Boot Camp. Also, notice that your progress through all the lessons is automatically tracked so that you can easily see where you left off and where you need to go next. The green bar indicates how far along you are in the Phase. You can also tell how many tasks are in each Phase and how many you have completed.  This feedback makes progressing through the materials much easier. I don't know about you, but having my progress documented for me helps enormously.

Boot Camp for Affiliate Marketing

As a Premier member, you can continue through the six additional phases (with 60 more lessons) teaching you to build your affiliate marketing business into a full-time source of income.


Additional training is provided


Incredibly – that is not all that you receive as a Premier member. Wealthy Affiliate provides ongoing training in the form of Live Video Training each week. Can't make it to the live session? Then, you can view the recorded session any time.

This means that training at Wealthy Affiliate is always being updated to match the latest trends in affiliate marketing. The best thing about this training is that the person who provides the training is actively out there making a living in affiliate marketing. So, it is not “textbook” learning, but training from someone successful in the business.

Even better, at least 400+ hours of training is recorded and available on demand. Virtually any topic you are interested in will be covered in this training.


Classrooms provide even more training in affiliate marketing


In addition, Wealthy Affiliate provides extensive additional training on a variety of topics.  Classrooms include videos, courses, tutorials and in some cases recorded webinars. Starter members gain access to two classrooms. As a Premier member, you can go to any classroom to learn in depth information about a variety of topics. Check out topics on some of the most popular classrooms below.

Affliiate Marketing classroom examples

Site Builder


Ok – let's say you are convinced. You want to start your own business and you want to be your own boss. But, you don't really know how to build a website. Wealthy Affiliate truly has you covered from start to finish. Not only do they train you, but they host your site on the platform as well. At no additional cost.

Ready to build your site? Then just enter a name for your site below, click  on the link and begin building.

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer for hosting?


If you didn't click above to get your free site, let me tell you what their hosting package includes. For the Starter Membership you get one free site using their domain. That means your site will have the name you choose with “” at the end. And yes, it is absolutely free.  When you go Premium, then you can build 10 sites at no additional cost to be hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.  Quite a bit of room to grow there.  For the Premium membership, you get the following:

  • 10 managed WordPress websites
  • Average page load time = 1.3 seconds. That is fast.
  • Sites that are “double-hosted” meaning they have full redundancy – no down time
  • Layers of security to shield your website from hacking or spam
  • Websites backed up every 24 hours

Starter Vs. Premier Membership

The benefits of the Starter Membership are fantastic – and with a Premium Membership, they are almost unbelievable.   The chart below indicates what you receive with each membership package.

Tools for keyword research


Since you want others to find you on the Internet, it is critical that you conduct key word research.  This means finding out what people out there are searching for so you can address their interests. Wealthy Affiliate offers an outstanding keyword tool for members called Jaaxy. Starter members get 30 free searches. Unlimited searches for Premium Members.


Wealthy Affiliates has an incredible support community

networking opportunities

These days, it can be quite difficult to learn everything on  your own.  I mean, we are all isolated enough just from CoVid. But having to do everything alone can truly be fear inducing. That's where the Wealthy Affiliate community comes in.

With 1.4 million members in the community at varying levels from beginner to expert, you will always be able to find an answer to your questions. Or just an “attaboy” or “attagirl” when you need the support. I have found the members to be very friendly, helpful and supportive.  The good thing is that even the experts have been where you are right now and can guide you to become a successful marketer.


What's bad about Wealthy Affiliate


So far, I have mostly told you the good stuff about Wealthy Affiliate. Like I really like it or something.  There must be something negative out there – right?

This is what I have discovered.  Sometimes too much stuff can be bad.  At times, I felt overwhelmed by everything that I had to learn and do.  They have literally thousands of tutorials and lessons available and I felt like I had to learn it all.  Eventually, I might have to learn it all. But, when I became panicked, I just went back to the basics, and progressed step-by-step.  I had to remember that I am only in a race with myself – and no one else.

Time. Yes, it takes time to learn and do everything.  OK – I admit some days I really do want a scheme that makes me rich quick. But, in reality, unless I win the lottery or marry a rich prince, I know I will have to take the time to do the work.  With Wealthy Affiliate, I invest the time and together we build a business. Plain and simple.

The community is huge and participation is highly encouraged. This is great!!!  However, you also have to be mindful that you must work on your own site to build your business. It becomes easy to immerse yourself in the community and forget to work on your own stuff.

Much documentation and training is included for the beginner.  Not as much is available if you are already know a substantial amount about building an online business and affiliate marketing. Having said that, however, even if you are knowledgeable and are just looking for a platform to host your site or sites, Wealthy Affiliate offers a great hosting package. For the Premier member, you can host 10 websites and have a huge package of robust hosting that would cost substantially more from other hosting companies.  In addition, they are constantly adding training content that is relevant to the market today.


Wondering whether to take the plunge?


Look – the bottom line is this. What do you have to lose? Well, maybe a few hours of your time. But, with a Starter Membership, you can decide whether you really do want to be your own boss – to have the freedom that comes from owning your own business on your own terms. But, with Wealthy Affiliate, you don't have to do it all alone. You can learn from others and you can get the support of those who have been through the whole process and want to help you.

Remember, for a free website and hosting, 20 lessons, 30 keyword searches, 50 training modules, 2 training modules at no cost, you can be part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. The Premium membership, of course, offers even more. Want to know why we are the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing platform in the world? Find out for yourself.

Zero risk and zero obligation with the free Starter membership. You are minutes away from starting your own successful internet business. To get started TODAY – right now, click the link below!

Zero risk offer

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Avoiding Information Overload in Internet Marketing

Avoiding Information Overload in Internet Marketing

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

too much informationIf you haven’t yet heard the phrase information overload as related to your online business, you will soon. Unfortunately, not only will you become familiar with the phrase, you are very likely to experience the feeling of information overload eventually, if not sooner, happens to the majority of new Internet marketers. When I first started my online business, I already knew a lot about technology and some about building websites. But as I progressed, I definitely had many bouts with information overload. And yes, at times it threatened to overwhelm me.

The main problem with feeling overwhelmed is that it can “shut you down.”  Instead of energizing you to work harder and learn more, it often makes you (well, me, really) want to retreat. All I want to do is crawl under a blanket and hide. Or binge on chocolate. Either one allows me to avoid that overwhelmed feeling that comes from information overload. But, those solutions don't get any work done!!!

This happens when I convince myself that I have simply have way too much to learn.  And then I tell myself that I that I have to learn it ALL, NOW!!! This idea that I have to acquire this excess of knowledge immediately causes negative feelings that hurt my productivity. Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and more confused than before I even started ensures that I lose focus.  Not good!

Information overload happens easily with this industry because there are so many new concepts you have to learn. Each concept can lead to an endless array of opportunities and possible outcomes that can send you down multiple rabbit holes as you struggle to untangle everything.

Causes of information overload

For example, you can be a product owner and an affiliate at the same time. You can use article marketing, social marketing, or pay per click campaigns to sell either your products or affiliate products you are marketing. Then you have to start learning what all those initials mean like SEO, PPC, PPV, CPI, CSS, CRM, PLR, CMS, B2B, B2C, FBX, and even ESP. No, not the reading your mind type of ESP.

As a newbie, you may not know much about any of the above. Suddenly, you have been thrust into an environment where everyone’s opinions differ. At the end of the day – heck, maybe even by the time you get your first cup of morning coffee, you don’t know where to even start learning all this stuff.

Believe you me, I have been there – in fact, sometimes I go back and visit old man Information Overload when I am trying something new. But, these are some of the things I have learned to do to avoid staying overwhelmed for long.

Calming down when panicked

The first thing to do is to take a deep breath. That’s right – a deep breath. Now. Now scream at the top of your lungs.

Just kidding, everyone. Take another deep breath and then work to calm down those feelings you are having. Easier said than done. So, how do you reduce  this panic? The next two key steps are internal. The steps you need to take to bring a sense of calm require you to rethink.  Or, to think differently, as it were.  This “rethinking” will take the pressure off of you because many of the feelings you are having are a result of pressure you have put upon yourself.

Rethinking what you need to know to minimize pressure on yourself

The first step is to reduce information overload is to realize that all the information you need to digest isn’t going anywhere. The information will be available to you tonight, next week, and a year from now. Or longer. Therefore, you can take your time learning everything you need to learn because the information will continue to be available. When you are ready for that next step of learning, the information will be waiting for you.

The second thing that it is hyper-important for you to internalize is this: It is OK if it takes you longer to learn all the information you need to learn to build your business. Often, we put a limit on ourselves thinking that we HAVE to start making money in the first month – or even the first year. In reality, we all start at different places. So, it will take us different amounts of time to start making money. Make plans and set goals – but if you don’t meet them, don’t panic. Just revise your goals. Measure progress and only compare yourself to yourself. Whatever you do, don't compare yourself to some blogger that tells you they made $6000 the first month they started blogging.

Calmer now? Good. Because, the bottom line is this. It is very very difficult to learn something new when you are in a panic. So, now that you are calm, how do you move forward to learn everything that you do need to learn?

Work on chunks of information

One thing I have to do to avoid information overload is to stop myself from going off in many different directions at once. My ADD can kick in and I can easily go into a frenzy of downloading courses, subscribing to newsletters, downloading eBooks, etc. Then, I feel like i have to learn it all.  Now – mind you!  NOW!  And, pressure mounts. So, to avoid putting this pressure on yourself, don’t invest in a guide about Google AdWords, another about Squidoo, and another one about Private Label Rights all at the same time. This will increase your pressure to learn it all. Now, now, now. NOW! Instead, work to learn one concept at a time.

There’s an age old riddle that you can use to calm yourself. It goes like this: “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time.” Well, Internet marketing is your elephant. You have to choose whether you want to eat the ear, the foot, or the tail section first.  Then move on to the next part. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter whether you start out learning about social marketing before you know the ropes of article marketing.

The idea is instead that as you educate yourself about one concept, put that knowledge to work for you. For example, as long as you read the social marketing guide and apply that insight to a method of making money, you are making progress.  Once you have that mastered, move on to the next concept. You are looking for progress, not perfection or even absolute expertise.

Focus on the most important concepts first

Some things won’t make sense to learn before others. If you know you have no money to start with, then don’t buy (or even download for free) a guide about pay per click marketing because you will not have the money to do this yet. If you try to learn it while you are also learning about everything else, then you increase your sense of panic and the feeling of information overload. Instead, start with something you can do.

As you are working to learn everything, try not to rush forward too fast. I had this problem when I first started because I fell into the “Learn how to build a blog in one day” trap. Because I wanted to make a million dollars overnight. You understand – right? Anyway, I threw that thing together fast. Not one day, but fast. And started loading it with articles.

Then, I found out it is better not to just throw out articles because they need things like photos. And SEO tweaks. And Pin content. And. . . Well, you do get the idea.  When I thought I had to do it all fast, fast, fast, I quickly became overwhelmed. Panic set in. I had to learn more and learn it faster. Then, I had to find out more about that. Whew!

Search for support to overcome information overload

When I couldn’t even think through the panic, I had to remind myself to just sit back and start nibbling on the elephant. In essence, I had to start over at square one and decide what I needed to know to move forward. At that point, I decided to invest my time in a company that provided training and a step-by-step way to move forward. They were instrumental in providing support and guidance when I got lost. And could provide information on every topic I needed, when I needed it to move forward.  And helped me understand what I needed to learn first, then next steps.

The great thing is that they provide an intensive course for free that will step you through the process without cost. If you decide they are worthy and I think you will, then you can move forward for advanced and ongoing support and help. In this way, you can immerse yourself in one topic or concept before moving on to the next.

Regrouping to avoid panic and information overload

Now, having shared this, I wish I could say that I never suffered from information overload again. But, I think this is something that Internet marketers fall prey to all the time. This is probably because things are changing so fast online and new products or methods of making money seem to be available every day. Algorithms change. New products or plugins become available as others fall to the wayside. Updates happen.

Thus, when I begin a new tactic, I have to begin learning anew. When this happens, I still take a deep breath. Then another. Then, I remind myself that the information will be there tomorrow. And I will master it and be successful at a pace that meets my knowledge, skills, and schedule. I eat that elephant one bite at a time. And you can avoid information overload by taking these steps, too. Indeed, always remember – You've got this!

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How to Set Up Your Home Office

How to Set Up Your Home Office

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setting up the home officeHow to set up your home office is critical for those who work from home. And in these days and times, more and more people conduct their work from home. If just beginning to work from home – whether blogging, Internet marketing, or being a new CoVid 19 work-from-home employee, you may not have everything you need for your home office. However, setting up your home office correctly increases your efficiency. Many people work better with work materials accessible. For sure, productivity climbs way, way up with a properly equipped home office.

But, you don't have to spend a lot of money to set up your office. Simply having a workspace set aside with a few key items can be highly beneficial. While possible to spend big dollars to set up your home office, you can also do this on a very tight budget.

Primary equipment needed for Internet marketing home office

When starting to figure out how to set up your home office, the most obvious equipment you will need is a computer.  The computer can be a Windows-based computer or an Apple computer. Either will work just fine for your marketing effort. Keep in mind that most Internet marketing software is created for the Windows based operating system. So if you have a Mac, you may need to make adjustments by running a Windows emulator, or installing Windows on your Mac.

If purchasing a computer, you can usually find a Windows computer good enough for Internet marketing for a couple hundred dollars. A Mac computer will cost substantially more. If you do buy a new Mac, then be sure that it can run Windows programs.

The computer definitely does not have to be a high-end model unless you intend to do a lot of extreme graphics work or video editing. Most Internet marketing tasks can be accomplished well even on systems that are several years old. If funds are limited, consider a used computer. Also, depending on the time of year you are reading this, very good sales are offered on computers near Christmas.

How to set up your home office: desktop or laptop?

For Internet marketing, you can use either a laptop or a desktop model. Personally, for my heavy-duty work, I prefer a computer with a very large monitor. Perhaps that is because I “grew up” on desktop computers, but I like space to spread out on my screen. OK, I admit, it could be my age and fading eye-sight, too!

Having made this true confession, keep in mind that if you are building a business online, you will be spending many hours in front of your computer. So, you do want to select a monitor that is large enough for you to comfortably work without squinting or straining your eyes. You also want to make sure it can block blue light at night to protect your vision.

Many people feel perfectly comfortable conducting all work from a laptop computer and that is just fine. The advantage of the laptop is that you can easily move around with the laptop – not nearly as easy to do with a desktop. If you will be conducting some of your business out of the office (such as at the local coffee shop), then a laptop may be a better choice for you. Laptops are also easier to move at home as well. Sometimes you may just want to go outside to work or move to the bedroom, away from the family activities. The laptop allows you to do this easily.

Optional monitor for laptop

As an alternative that meets both the need to be mobile and to see a large screen, you can always get a monitor to hook up to your laptop. If you do this, you have the advantage of actually having two monitors, if needed. When you hook up a monitor to your laptop, you have all the advantages of a desktop computer and the added bonus of being mobile when needed.

One more comment about working from a laptop. For those of us lacking touch pad dexterity, you can also connect a mouse to your laptop. I find when I am doing a lot of moving back and forth across apps and working with graphics, I really need to have a mouse to work fast. Might be my age – but I have never been able to work as quickly on the touch pad as I can with a mouse. This largely depends on how you learned to use a computer, I think.

Although you may want to use a tablet for your business, I discourage this choice for conducting the bulk of your work. On the tablet, it will be difficult to do many of the tasks you will need to do. The tablet can definitely serve as a backup to use when out of the office.

In a nutshell, the bulk of your work in Internet marketing will probably need to be done on either a desktop computer or a laptop computer. This choice is really up to you. The correct choice will depend on your space and work preferences.

How to set up your home office: Internet connectivity

You probably need a high-speed wired Internet connection for building your business. Having said that, if like me, you live out in the country, you may not have that option. You might have a choice between satellite Internet or mobile hotspot. Satellite way out in the country (at least where I live) was a no-go. While the TV worked OK, Internet connections were too slow. So, I switched to a hotspot and can do pretty much anything I need.

One challenge in building your business using satellite or a hotspot is the limited data limit. Another is the expense of buying more data. You must be creative in spending your data wisely. For example, I download YouTube videos instead of streaming them. This is faster and allows me to go back and watch videos at my leisure. I found 4K Video downloader to be a great program for downloading and it saves a ton of bandwidth each month.

Supposedly, 5G solves all these challenges. However, while good for the cities, 5G won't be available in the country for a while. At any rate, no matter which connection you choose, look for stability as much as possible. Speed is good – but stability is better.

If you have wired Internet, obviously you want to have a connection in your home office.  If you are using wireless connectivity, realize it will not be quite as stable. However, I use wireless because I have no choice and honestly can say it hasn't been a problem.

To print or not to print at home?

When looking at how to set up  your home office, you might wonder whether a printer is necessary. Although having a printer is not a requirement, I come from a time when it was common to read – not on the screen but on paper. I learned by highlighting books and basically interacting with the printed words, carefully taking notes and making comments in the margins. So, in my case, I really do need a printer. If I see a long article that I want to study, then I print it out and basically interact with it. I find it easier in some cases to organize my frequently used “stuff” in a notebook. So, while I might type up a list of categories on the computer, I also print it out to keep in a notebook or hang on my wall as a reference.

If you are anything like that, then buying a printer might be a good investment for your business. Off and on, there will be things that need to be printed. If you don’t have a printer, then you will have to stop working to go get something printed for you.

Combination printer/fax/scanner

A combination fax machine, scanner and printer can be a very good purchase. Some companies will require you to print and fax documents like a W-9 tax form, although that is increasingly being done online. PayPal occasionally restricts accounts for various reasons, and often require you to fax certain documents to them in order to reactivate the account.

Having a fax machine/printer can save you from having to travel to office supply stores while you’re panicking because your account is restricted during a big launch! When looking at printers, consider getting a laser printer. While they might be a bit more expensive than an ink jet printer, in the long run, they cost less because toner is usually less expensive per page than ink. Often, a printer will sell for almost nothing, but the ink will be quite costly throughout the life of the printer. Although color printers are nice, good black and white laser printers can fit in a small budget.

If you have a very limited budget, wait until you really need it to purchase a printer. Likely you will know when it becomes necessary because you will feel frustrated when you have to stop to go get something printed. When you “feel” the critical need, you can find a budget option. Like computers, printers are frequently offered for great prices at Christmas.

How to set up your home office: Location for your work space

Now that you have your computer and Internet, possibly your printer, you need to decide where to locate your office. I have discussed location pretty extensively in a previous post. To summarize, though, you don’t have to have a separate office in your home. On the other hand, it is important to make sure you can have a quiet place that allows you to work without interruptions.

If you live in a small apartment with a family, you may find it difficult to get any privacy or quiet even in a separate location. If this is the case, a good set of noise-reducing headphones and a good white noise CD or MP3 can really help. White noise will help block a lot of bothersome noises, thus helping you focus on your work. Music can also work to block out background noise, but it may be too distracting for some people.

Desk/workspace and chair

Now that you have your equipment, you will need some place to actually work. For this, you need a desk or workspace with a comfortable and ergonomic chair. A desk does not have to be fancy and can be built in a few hours, if you like DIY projects. Primarily, you need a flat surface on which to house your computer, monitor and space to work. If just starting, you can quickly build a desk on top of two filing cabinets or even concrete blocks. As you grow, you will have a better idea of what type of desk you want.

An ergonomic chair is very important because you will be sitting in it quite a bit. At least in the beginning. Believe me, the chair will be much better if it has rolling wheels. This allows you to easily move around while working. A chair with arms tends to be a bit more comfortable for long periods of time. There are many styles of chairs available and a good office chair can make a big difference in how your back and legs feel at the end of the day.

A clutter free environment

Most people find they’re most productive in a clean room with limited distractions. Your work surface should be as clear of clutter as possible. This gives you space to hold folders ready for projects, planners and books for work. A writing surface for taking notes and making reminders also helps. If you are like me, you want space for a cup of coffee or glass of tea to sip while working.

With the above essentials, you are ready to begin working in your Internet marketing business. Eventually you find other equipment that will make your work more productive, but this bare minimum will be very functional for many hours of work.

Ready to get started

To recap. Establishing an office is as simple as setting up the following

  • Computer (possibly a monitor)
  • Internet connection
  • Printer (optional but recommended)
  • A space to work
  • Desk/work space
  • Chair

This is likely the bare minimum of equipment that you will need to build an Internet marketing business. Good news – many of us already have most of this equipment already. Thus, no need to invest in equipment at first. Since working on Internet marketing doesn't require a great amount of speed, computer equipment can be older. And, for sure less powerful than you need for gaming or streaming movies. The desk can be made and the chair can be used.  With these guidelines, setting up an office allows you start on your road to becoming a highly successful Internet marketer.

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Selecting a Sensational Domain Name

Selecting a Sensational Domain Name

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Selecting a sensational domain name is a very important task when you begin building your online presence. But first – what is a domain name? Yep. This is another one of those terms you need to understand as you begin your journey into blogdom – or really – any online business. A domain name is like a virtual identification card. In essence, it is those words that follow the “www” and allows others to find you online and to go to your site. Also, it is the best way for people to verify your online presence and see that you are indeed REAL.

Common mistakes in selecting a domain name

While selecting a sensational domain name is important, many people begin without carefully choosing a name that will be their brand. A common error is for beginners to believe that having a bad domain name is better than not having one at all. This is not correct. What are the negatives of having a bad domain name? Well, having that bad name can backfire and even cause you to lose customers. If not chosen carefully, having a bad domain name makes you look unprofessional – like an amateur. While it is OK to be a beginner and to be learning “the ropes,” you don’t want a name that makes you look like a rank amateur. Why? Because this name will follow you for life. So, you don’t want to stick your business with a yucky name.

On the other hand, a good domain name leaves a positive first impression. This great name you select fosters a feeling of trust within your clients. As an added bonus, and a very important one at that, a carefully chosen domain name can result in your website ranking higher in search engine results. This in turn allows your site to be seen by even more people. Being seen by more people leads to more clicks, more readers, more business. Well, you get the idea.

In addition, your domain name will be on your letterhead, business cards, and more. Even if you are completely online, your “real-world” identity needs to be reflective of your very professional – serious – business. Clearly, selecting a sensational domain name that is appropriate for your audience is one of the most important tasks you have in starting your business online.

How to choose your name

Now that you understand HOW IMPORTANT it is to select your domain name, how do you go about making the best choice? First, begin by making a list of potential domain names for your website. At this point, realize that you have literally millions of choices.  If you already have a company name, remember you do not just have to use your company name. In fact, if your company name is long, complicated or difficult to spell, then it might be better not to use your company name for your domain name.

If you have a complicated business name, then you might choose a domain name that is one of your most important products. A consumer looking for this product would likely search online for that product rather than your company name. Thus, this can result in better customer conversions and higher search engine rankings since more customers would be searching for the product than the company.

If you happen to be the face of your brand, you might consider using your personal name as your domain name. For instance, Martha Stewart and Donald Trump are two people that are the face of their business. If that’s the case for you, then you may want to use your name as the domain name. Also, if you are beginning in your online presence, but want to build YOU as the brand, then that would definitely be a good domain name to select.

Another very important option would be using a keyword in your niche. Then, as people are looking for topics relevant to your niche, your domain name is more likely to rank higher. You can build your list for domain names at the same time that you are looking for keywords for your business or even as you are trying to determine your niche.

Next, eliminate domain names that won’t work

Work on building a large list of potential domain names. Brainstorming is the key here. Write down everything you think of – no matter how silly or strange. You want to do this because it gives you the freedom to explore ideas – and this enhances your creativity. So – write, write, write your ideas. Ask others for ideas. And at the beginning, don’t limit ideas.

Then, once you develop a long list of potential domain names, it is time to start narrowing down your choices. To do this, first go through and cross out name too long. A good rule of thumb: Try to stay under twenty characters for an easy to remember domain name. It is also a good idea to strike through any name too difficult to spell. If “psychiatrist” is one of the words in your domain, for example, many cannot spell it correctly and will likely resort to something easier – like mental health.

The next step is highly important to consider. Cross out ANY name that might have negative connotations. First, If you select a name with several words, write them without spaces to be sure that your domain name won’t have potential to be offensive or misread. Be careful that your name does not become a hilarious example of what not to do.

What does this even mean? Well, avoid creating a Slurl – a portmanteau of slur and URL. A slurl is a domain name with a double meaning, many times crude or sexual, that occurs when a website name is misread. Remember, when words are all strung together without spaces, different people read the words differently.

“Funny” domain names to avoid when selecting a sensational domain name

Some examples of what I mean make very funny web addresses. While well intentioned at the beginning, most of the URLs have been changed since originally purchased. The good news is that if interested, you can probably purchase them at a bargain. Other URLS are still in existence – albeit still funny to many. – No longer using this address, it was originally the URL for an Ohio based company called Effective Office Environments. I can certainly see why they changed the domain name. – Obviously, this URL is no longer in use although it was originally for The Children's Laughter Foundation in Dallas, Texas. See why you have to string your name together to see if it can be misread? Still in use as of this article, you have to wonder how many hits this site gets when people are looking for cures for eating too many beans. Yes, well, Big Al's is a bowling alley – but if you don’t know this, you might wonder what this site is really all about. Indeed, this site has attempted to be more understandable by highlighting the appropriate words Who Represents. Nevertheless, it reads as a gift exchange for – well, for … you get it?

And one final example. This domain name is currently for sale  For a bargain price, no doubt. While music download sites are popular, I think this URL probably had some problems getting an audience.

Avoid potentially offensive names

If you enjoyed these chuckles, as I did, Andy Geldman wrote a whole book on hilarious Slurls that he found on the Internet. Hilarious examples show you just how careful you need to be when selecting a domain name!!! So, string your words together and be sure you show it to multiple people to read to make sure it will not be offensive to anyone. Cute and funny is OK, but offensive is not.

Another thing to consider is the initials formed by the first words of your domain name. We like to shorten phrases to letters. Consider CIA, NSA, FBI, SSA, and on and on and on. For example, you don’t want someone LMAO at your condensed domain name. You don’t want “A Safe Soap” company to be shortened to

Now that you have a list of possible domain names, it is time to tweak a bit more. Go through your list and cross out any additional names that just don’t cut your “I really like this name” list. Then, rank the domain names in order of your most favorite to your least favorite ones. Now it is time to go online for additional research on those “final” names to find out if someone beat you to the name. For a free alternative to looking up names, go to to look up each name. This site will tell you whether the name is available. If it is already taken, then it will offer alternatives that you select.

Should you select a dot COM name?

Now is the time to decide whether you want a .COM name as opposed to some other newer domains such as .XYZ or .BIZ. This is what I have to say about that. Bottom line, most websites are .COM websites. Most people automatically think .COM is the extension for your website. Ever looked for a business online? What did you type in? xyz.COM – right? How many times have you been surprised when you didn’t get the site you wanted and had to go back and see the URL? Ohhhhhhhh — .net you say. But, I bet the next time, you made the same mistake and automatically typed in .COM. You might wonder, how much more popular is the .COM domain extension?

Take a look at the graph below and you will see just how popular the .COM extension is based on current information gathered from Domain Tools. Yes, the green bar indicates the number of .com sites compared to the others. You can see .com is significantly more popular than all the other extensions.

sensational domain name

Thus, this is what I say. When selecting a sensational domain name, go with “.COM” at the end rather than any other extension. You won’t regret it!!! Now, this might mean you have to select a name from your list that was NOT your favorite one. However, IMHO, your less favorite .COM domain name will be more popular than your favorite name with a .BIZ or .NET extension. Besides, if someone types your domain name with a .COM extension (when you really have a .net extension because .com was not available) they will be going to that other site FIRST instead of your site with the less used extension. Do you really want to send someone to another business?

Check with Google for similar names

domain name extensionsOne final thing to check out when selecting your sensational domain name. Go to the Internet and look to see if there are domains similar to yours that you may not want to be mistaken for. What do I mean by this? Well, years ago, before there were computer filters to protect you from things like this, I wanted a website called Granny’s Basement. Well, that name was taken. So, I opted for Grannie’s Basement – just changed the spelling of granny to grannie. Cute, right? Just a little different spelling and the .COM version was available. You can bet I signed up for it fast. I thought I had hit the jackpot of names.

Then, I decided to go check out Granny’s Basement to see what they had to offer. Well, to my horror, I saw much more than I wanted to see. For hours. And hours. As XXX porno screen after porno screen popped up for Granny’s Basement. Yes, it took me hours to get all the porn off my computer. Not to mention my husband’s comments as he walked by. And the time it took to calm my nerves. Really! Who would have thought?  Definitely something you DO NOT want to put your readers through – even accidentally.

My recommendation, then, is to check your domain name out carefully before you drop the bucks to buy the domain. Be absolutely sure to Google it before buying it. Make sure that no one else is using a similar name for something dishonest, spammy or offensive – or heaven forbid, Granny porn. While this might seem like a time-consuming task, you DO NOT want your business confused with a similar website that’s not ethical.

How do you get your sensational domain name?

Once you have decided on your domain name, what is next? Well, you can buy your domain from someone like NameCheap which offers domain names at a very reasonable price. Also, if you are interested in building an online business with full support behind you, I recommend you check Wealthy Affiliate out for education, support, hosting and domain name purchases. The best thing about this company is that it is a one stop shop so that you can track your domains and hosting from the same company. This makes things run much more smoothly as you begin to build your business.

If you want to try out your domain name to see how it looks, you can sign up for a free website at Wealthy Affiliate.  Just enter your domain name  and click on the Build it Now button below to try it out.

After securing your name

While you are at the beginning of your journey, taking the time to carefully select your domain name will help you to be successful more quickly. And – it makes you very official – because you are now the proud owner of extremely critical real estate in the online world. The domain name you have selected and purchased remains yours forever as long as you continue to register that domain. It is indeed your official virtual identification card. Congratulations on a job well-done!!!! Once you complete this step, please take the time to share your new identity with others by commenting below.

With your virtual real estate in hand – so to speak – you are ready to begin your very own online business. Or, if you already have a business, you are ready to put  it online. If you don't know exactly how to do that, I recommend that you check out this information on Wealthy Affiliate. They have everything to train you and to get you off to a great start hosting your site. The best part about them is that they offer a ton of stuff for free, so you can get started building before you actually have to invest money into your business.

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