working at home jobToday, probably more than any time in recent times, is a great time to  explore the best reasons to work from home. In this case, it is a great time to look at reasons to be your own boss. Become an entrepreneur, as it were. Now, that CAN be a very scary thing for many. Well, OK it can be scary for almost anyone. Indeed, there is a certain comfort in working for someone else. So, if you are considering becoming your own boss, there are some aspects to consider carefully. And, we will be looking at both sides of the equation in this discussion.

Definitely, many benefits come from being your own boss and getting away from a J-O-B. These benefits can be viewed under four main umbrellas that we will explore in more detail before looking at some potential negative aspects of being your own boss. To begin, let’s look at the positives by dividing into four categories: stability, flexibility, tax benefits and savings. So, let’s look at each of these categories to see what they are all about.

Working at home provides stability

If you have ever worked in hard economic times (and almost who hasn’t), you have experienced fear about losing your job. When you work for someone else, the sad news is that you are expendable. Unfortunately, you can be the most dedicated employee, working for the longest hours and the most years, and you can still be pink slipped.

In the real world, companies can be poorly run and go out of business. Or have a bad year and have to lay off many employees. Companies can be extremely well run and be taken over by another company who then lays off all the “old” employees. We all know that workplace conflicts can result in you losing your job. Sad as it is, you can have personal problems (poor health or sick family members) that require you to miss more work than allowed and find yourself out of a job.

Your spouse can be transferred to another city and you have to quit your job. Or. . . well, you get the idea. When you work for someone else, you are literally at their mercy to keep your job. Even the greatest company in the world cannot guarantee you will keep your job. That just isn’t the way things work. But, if you work for yourself, it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will fire yourself. Once you spend the time and work necessary to build your business, then you have an unprecedented amount of job stability. This alone drives many people to begin the journey to work for themselves.

Working for yourself gives you freedom

Running your own business gives you enormous freedom. You can change directions in your business while working your own hours. Without worrying about what your boss will say! In addition, you avoid the frustrating commute. Even more importantly, you have the knowledge that you never have to worry about being laid off again. As a bonus, it is so much more exciting building something yourself and seeing it take off. When you do that, you are the primary beneficiary of your hard work.

Flexibility: great reason to work at home

Flexibility is another reason working at home is much better than working at a J-O-B. With the responsibility of running your own business, you also have the freedom to pursue the most financially and personally rewarding avenues. Instead of sitting behind a desk and being told what you have to achieve for the day/week/year, you have the freedom to set your own goals and objectives. No more time wasted on projects that don’t fulfill you.

In addition to being able to set your own goals and objectives, you have incredible freedom deciding when you work. If you need family time, you can arrange your schedule accordingly. If you have to take your dog to the vet, you don’t have to beg the boss to let you go. You can work around school hours, taking time off when needed.

That is not to say you will be able to do nothing all day. Be advised! Owning your own business will be hard work. It might even be some hardest work that you ever do. That said, you still have incredible freedom to decide exactly when you will do all that hard work. And, all the hard work will be to benefit you and your family.

You also have the flexibility to establish your own dress code for working at home. Want to sit at your computer in your comfy pants with a cup of coffee by your side? You can do that! Everyday can be jeans Friday!!! This relaxed dress code will give you more time to actually work for yourself. You don’t have to get dressed up for work, you don’t have to commute to work and you don’t have to fight traffic getting home. This can all be time spent building your business!

Save money working from home

Working from home can be a definite money saver for you – another great reason to work at home. First, you save money on commuting. No long drives to work – all you have to do is make it from your coffee pot in the kitchen to the desk at your office. No gas money required!  You can also save money on lunches. Since you will be eating at home, you don’t have the extra expense of eating out. Another benefit is that you can eat healthier, too. Restaurant food is notoriously unhealthy, especially if you resort to fast foods. It is much easier to fix a healthy meal if you are at home.

Then, speaking of jeans Friday, you can also save money on your clothing budget. Not only do you not need as many fancy “work” clothes or uniforms, you also don’t have to worry about expensive dry cleaning bills. Although you may be meeting clients at times, you will not need to dress up every day for a work at home job.

If you have children, you will be able to be there when necessary after school. So, you save money that would otherwise be spent at daycare or for baby-sitting. These expenses often require a substantial portion of the household budget. Aside from the obvious emotional benefits of being there with your children, you will also find that working from home becomes a real money saving opportunity.

Tax benefits to work at home

Finally, another great reason to work at home comes from the many tax benefits you get. You will be able to take many deductions from owning your own business. As you begin, you will be able to take expenses that are ordinarily just costs of living for the non-entrepreneur. For example, your Internet and phone now become a tax deduction for you. There are so many tax benefits from being an entrepreneur that I recommend you get in touch with an accountant or read about this as quickly as you can.

You may be wondering why EVERYONE is not on the work at home bandwagon if it is so great. So, to be fair, there are some disadvantages to consider. Let’s take a hard look at some disadvantages as well.

Indeed, it IS Hard work

Yes, you can set your own hours and work whenever you want. But, realistically, if you want to be successful at your own business, you will probably be working harder than you ever have before. Starting a business and making it successful takes many hours. The difference, though, is that you ARE working for yourself. And any business gains that you make will be all yours. Achieving your goals will feel financially rewarding, to be sure. But, you will also feel a sense of pride in what you accomplish unlike anything you feel on the J-O-B.

Even if you end up working an untold number of hours at your business, it will feel different. This is something that YOU want to do – not something the boss required you to do. When you are exhausted – but keep going, it will be to achieve your goals and to reach a dream you have for you and for your family.

You may be spending time alone

If you work from home, you may miss the day to day contact previously experienced on the job. Sometimes, it does feel lonely at home. However, you will find that as your business grows, you have more contact with others. Your world will eventually expand beyond what you had before. This is particularly true if you blog because you will be meeting others in your niche who will share your journey. If you have another business, you will meet contacts through your work. You will also have an opportunity to join professional organizations. There you can meet like-minded individuals who are also entrepreneurs.

But, initially, being isolated when working from home takes getting used to. It is something to consider before you begin your work at home journey, particularly if you enjoy interacting with others. Find ways to continue socializing before you actually begin working from home. This will ensure that you do not “go crazy” before your business takes off.

You won't have medical benefits

And, let’s face it. Sometimes we need the security that medical benefits from an employer provide. YOU will be responsible for all your medical care when you work from home. This security is one advantage that working for an employer can have.

But it can be soooo worth the plunge!

No doubt, the decision to begin working for yourself is a huge one. While there are many advantages to being an entrepreneur, it does not come without risk. For this reason, many people keep working as they build their business on the side. You will see that this is done quite often in the blogging world. Luckily, many opportunities exist to start a business on the side and to build it into a full-time business/career. There is a great advantage to doing it this way. You maintain some perks of working for some one else while you gain some perks from owning your own business.

What do I mean by that? For example, if working at a job, you can maintain your medical benefits. But, if you are also working at home for yourself, you gain many tax advantages from owning your own business. If you are legitimately working to build your business, then you can take deductions for business expenses even if you are not working full time yet.

Working to build a full-time business on the side can be a great way to start. You can get your feet wet and begin your learning process with a full-time safety net. Make no mistake. You will be very tired, because you will, in essence, have two full time jobs. But, your outlook will be tremendous. You will probably find that on the job annoyances are not as bad because you will know that they are only temporary. Once you decide that you want to start your own business, everything will be done with that end in mind.

The choice is yours TODAY

After looking at the best reasons to work at home, you have a big decision to make. A very important decision for sure. But, to be truthful, no matter what I say, only YOU can decide whether you want to take the plunge. This I do know. There really has never been a better time to get started. Vast online opportunities exist in the online world in which we currently live. Probably more so than in any other time we have lived.  From looking at the way the world is heading, the opportunities seem to be expanding every day.

What can I recommend?  If you decide being an entrepreneur is for you, then find a dream. Find a passion and begin your journey today. It goes without saying, there really is no better time to start than today!

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