About Me

Hello y’all!!! I am Janice and so glad you stopped by to find out about me. I guess you can tell by the “y’all” that I am a Texas gal – original. Born and raised and still live here in Texas. First, welcome to my blog. Hopefully, you will stay awhile today and come back to my blog to find out about working from home tomorrow. I plan to grow resources for you and share information about creating your very own dream home office.

I am now retired. Sort of.  In other iterations of my life, I was a high school teacher, K-12 counselor and online educational technology college professor. Not all at the same time! Now, I live in another phase of my life by moving way way way out to the country. Living now in East Texas, daily I learn about gardening, homesteading, minimalist living, remodeling, refurbishing. All those things I wanted to do when working, but never seemed to find time.

After retiring, we bought the house and a little piece of land from a defunct chicken farm and have been discovering what living in the country really means.  It’s not exactly like that old series Green Acres (yes, that ages me!!!!!!). But some days I feel like I am one mile from Hooterville.  And I can’t figure out how to get the cow out of my backyard and back to her home across the road. horses_across_the_streetAt other times, like today, I so enjoy looking out the window at bright sunshine hitting the trees after weeks of rain and overcast skies.  I enjoy seeing the wind lazily blowing the flag and the horses across the street catching some rays.

In the process of renovating the chicken farm manager’s little home, I decided to start blogging to share my adventures. Stripping down a little 50’s frame house on a very tight budget, I have learned much about minimalist and budget living. Mainly I learned how important it is to declutter, declutter and then declutter to enjoy a smaller living area. Then, I learned that even in a small space, I really needed a location to work from home. I needed a place away from day-to-day living and constant remodeling. A place that would allow me to think and work from home – without distraction.

Thus, in this blog I will share the many steps along the way that I have journeyed in my quest for the perfect dream office. Nope, I am not there yet. But, I hope you will share my journey with me as I work to create a dream office with minimal costs involved. This blog isn’t about the plush home office with impeccable décor down to the perfectly matched furniture with the trendiest colors. Why? Just because that is not my style. My style is more, “What do I like and what makes me smile as I look around a room?” For example, when my husband asked me why I needed a dragon kite hanging from the ceiling – my answer will always be, “Because it makes me smile.”

This blog shares ideas to inspire you to create a home office space that makes you smile. I will share ideas for DIY projects that are low budget. Plus, I share ideas for where to get the office stuff you need for free or at a low cost.  Also, I will be sharing what I have found out about what is necessary for a home office and what can be addressed later. And so much more about this quest for the perfect dream office.

Because, make no mistake – if you work from home, YOU need a place that is just for you to do that work. And, you need to get your office set up even if minimally at first. Then, as you continue working at home, you can eventually create your absolutely perfect home office space. Please join me on my journey.  Share the adventures you go through when joining the ranks of the work from home entrepreneur.